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Drabble written for dw100. Dunno how good it is but it'll do, I suppose. :)

Title: Europe, 1351
Author: akashasheiress
Characters: The Rani, OC
Rating: PG
Prompt: 508: pest
Word count: 100
Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who, nor its characters.

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Author: [personal profile] akashasheiress
Characters/Pairings: Jamie McCrimmon, Second Doctor, the TARDIS
Rating: G
Spoilers/warnings: None, I think
Word count: 177
Disclaimer: I own nada.
Summary: Jamie thinks about what the Doctor is. And whether it matters.
N/A: This is my Two-contribution for [community profile] who_at_50 I'm way late, which makes it lose some momentum, I suppose. But I wanted to post it anyway. To quote Bernard Black: ''Enjoy. It's dreadful but it's quite short.''

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Brought to you by, in my opinion, one of the funniest scenes ever in the history of British comedy (and that's coming from someone who isn't really into Mr Bean, most of the time). Appropriately enough, considering it's Who Xmas Special Day, it also features a guest appearance by a Dalek:

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The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear, restored. :D
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1. You all should have a look at the fanwork-at-thon [community profile] who_at_50, run by my friend [personal profile] jjpor. It's one Doctor + a secondary prompt a month. However, there's no death penalty for missing deadlines (or I'd be dead by now), so you can always make your contribution for any Doctor at any time. Or just post stuff relating to Doctor Who and/or the 50th Anniversary. The Classic Doctors are in a special need of love, but anything's good.

I've been feeling rather inadequate/ashamed about my lacklustre participation there so far (due to illness and dissertation and stuff), so I hope some of you will check it out and give it a boost. :)

I suck at pimping stuff, sorry. ;D

2. I'm checking out Minority Report for the first time ever (yeah, I know) and it occurred to me that the whole Oracle concept would fit well into a Doctor Who story featuring surviving Time Lords being used for similar-ish things.

3. Since we're talking about Time Lords, I think Eva Green might make a perfect Romana. I mean, those eyes couldn't possibly be human! And she could speak with a sort of implacable accent because, again, not human. Also, she was in this really effed-up movie with Matt Smith called Clone where they have sex and stuff (no, that's not the reason it's effed-up), thus providing fanworkers with material. ;D
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Title: We Must Love One Another or Die
Author: [personal profile] akashasheiress/Maggadin
Pairing: Eight/Romana II
Rating: Teen
Spoilers/warnings: Non-explicit nudity.
Characters: Eight Doctor, Romana II. Mentions of Susan, Leela and Rassilon.
Words: 566
Disclaimer: I own nada.
Summary: The War is drawing to a close. At least they still have each other
N/A: This is for the Month of Eight, which was APRIL, but I've finally managed to stitch something not 100% horrible together. Most of this was written very quickly. Title is a quote from the poem ''September 1, 1939''. I was inspired to use it by the sublime Four/Romana II fic ''Of Eros and Dust'' by (I think) gwynnega.
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Just look how happy/proud he is when he introduces her. Or I say that he is, at least.
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I'd kill for a Four/Romana vid set to this song. Like, I'd literally murder someone. Just kidding, I'd just murder them metaphorically.

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Title: Twistin' the Night Away
Author:[personal profile] akashasheiress/Maggadin
Rating: Teen, I guess
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Seven/Romana II
Warnings: Alcohol, implied sex
Spoilers: None
Summary: It might not actually be Valentine's Day. But that won't stop the Doctor from celebrating it.

Just a little something I wrote for Valentine's Day. I figured that particular gig would be very Seven.
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This is my contribution to the Eleventh Doctor month on [community profile] who_at_50

Title: Existence
Author: [personal profile] akashasheiress
Words: 2733
Rating: Teen
Genre: Romance, drama, angst, body-horror (that last one might be subjective).
Characters/Pairings: Eleven/Romana, the TARDIS, OC (after a fashion).
Summary: The Doctor and Romana have found each other again. Then something unexpected happens.
Warnings: This is babyfic. Or more accurately fetusfic. Abortion and issues of bodily autonomy are dealt with. Also, non-graphic description of Time Sex.

It wasn't as if they had needed any incentive to have the sex that would eventually lead to... it
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If Doctor Who fans on my flist don't know who she was you definitely should (as in, she deserves more recognition than she gets, not that you're ignorant).


Nov. 23rd, 2012 09:49 pm
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My good friend [personal profile] jjpor  has created [community profile] who_at_50 for all your celebratory ficathon needs!

ETA: And it's also on LJ: http://who-at-50.livejournal.com/

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This was certainly an unpleasant surprise to get online to. Goodbye, Mary, you were the most beautiful woman to ever step foot in the TARDIS. Thank you for being my favourite companion (along with Lalla).

Stop dying, people!
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She was an awesome companion, though a brief one. Definitely in my top ten, if not top five.

Ironically I just came back from watching Prometheus, featuring another Elizabeth Shaw, to find that Who's Liz Shaw had passed :(
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Am I the only one not seeing the True Love between Eleven and River? I mean, I know I'm not literally the ONLY one, but other than one or two flisters, everyone seems to think that this is a case of True Love Between True Equals. Here's why I disagree and why I find that interpretation, frankly, puzzling (then again, somebody did just literally call me an ''idiot'' for not thinking the relationship was healthy):
Spoilers (*sigh*) )

Again, this is just my view, but I'm seriously surprised that so few people seem to share my interpretation, as I felt it was glaringly obvious. I know I idea whether any of it was intentional. I actually fear it's not, as Moffat is no stranger to writing fucked-up pairings that he apparently believes are stellar examples of Real True Love (and neither was RTD).

Anyway, I'm actually writing an essay in which I argue that the very concept ''Strong Female Character'' is problematic in and of itself and that the claim that the portrayal of women on television as exclusively improved over the years doesn't hold water. I am using River Song and Rose Tyler as examples. If I get an OK mark on it I might post it here.

ETA: I'm also surprised to see so few fics portraying the relationship as fucked up, as I know that there are people who enjoy ships like that (including myself, from time to time).


Apr. 19th, 2011 10:31 pm
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Lis Sladen died.
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Day 26 – Favourite Who Actress

Like with the actors, I can't say I have one, as I'm much more interested in the characters that they play. I like Mary Tamm's general awesome, Lalla Ward's wit, Katey Manning's wonderful spacy-ness, Louise Jameson's hippieness. Karen Gillan seems funny and cool, but that's about all I know about her. Acting skills-wise, I think Catherine Tate is probably the best (and I like her comedy).

And, no, this isn't a  ''I'm not into ~ shallow ~ stuff'' thing. The lives and personalities of the actors involved just isn't something I'm terribly interested in.

PS. Look! I finally figured out how to do the squiggly-line thing.:D

Day 27 – An Episode You Wish Hadn’t Been Made
Day 28 – An Episode Idea You Created Yourself
Day 29 – Who You Think Should Be the Next Doctor
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Day 23 – A Who-Related YouTube Video

Day 24 – Whatever Tickles Your Fancy
Day 25 – Favourite Who Actor
Day 26 – Favourite Who Actress
Day 27 – An Episode You Wish Hadn’t Been Made
Day 28 – An Episode Idea You Created Yourself
Day 29 – Who You Think Should Be the Next Doctor
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Day 22 – A Who-Related Fan-Site

Not a ''site'' as much as a community, but I must use this opportunity to pimp the [livejournal.com profile] eleven_romana ficathon! You know it works, baby, and it's the natural consequence of all Doctors/all Romanas* being in love.:D I claimed a date and now I have to come up with something. It's too bad I'm such a terrible writer.D:

Actual site that's quite good: www.deathbyaspirin.proboards.com/

*Well, all Doctors from Four-onwards, anyway.

Day 23 – A Who-Related YouTube Video
Day 24 – Whatever Tickles Your Fancy
Day 25 – Favourite Who Actor
Day 26 – Favourite Who Actress
Day 27 – An Episode You Wish Hadn’t Been Made
Day 28 – An Episode Idea You Created Yourself
Day 29 – Who You Think Should Be the Next Doctor
Day 30 – Whatever Tickles Your Fancy


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