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I would like to wish all my flisters a happy Festivus! How have I disappointed you this year?

I all seriousness, though, I'd just like to wish everyone very happy holidays (whichever you celebrate). :)

Also, here's my fandom_stocking for your perusal/inspiration. There's a few things I forgot to include, such as The X-Files but that's basically the gist of it.*

*Although I did notice that I'm the only one to request Eight/Romana, which is sad 'cause it used to kind be the Eight/Anyone pairing, so yes please! :D And, obviously, what I said about Twelve/Romana.
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Okay, so this will surely be an unmitigated disaster, considering my lack of talent/creativity/imagination and attention-span but I can't resist anyway.

Thieved from [personal profile] jjpor:

1. Comment to this post with "I surrender!" and I'll assign you the basis of some TV show idea. (Science fiction show, medical drama, criminal procedure, etc...)
2. Create a cast of characters, including the actors who'd play them.
3. Add in any actor photos, character bios and show synopsis that you want.
4. Post to your own journal.

Or you could even post to the [community profile] isurrendered communities on both Livejournal
and Dreamwidth...!
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Anyone else somewhat bothered by/find it boring that Thor ended up with Jane Foster instead of Sif in the movie-verse? I mean 1. Sif is Thor's consort in actual Norse mythology and it would be awesome to see that translated to sci-fi and 2. The mortal/immortal romance is just so typical and it would be nice to see more immortal/immortal love affairs.
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1. You all should have a look at the fanwork-at-thon [community profile] who_at_50, run by my friend [personal profile] jjpor. It's one Doctor + a secondary prompt a month. However, there's no death penalty for missing deadlines (or I'd be dead by now), so you can always make your contribution for any Doctor at any time. Or just post stuff relating to Doctor Who and/or the 50th Anniversary. The Classic Doctors are in a special need of love, but anything's good.

I've been feeling rather inadequate/ashamed about my lacklustre participation there so far (due to illness and dissertation and stuff), so I hope some of you will check it out and give it a boost. :)

I suck at pimping stuff, sorry. ;D

2. I'm checking out Minority Report for the first time ever (yeah, I know) and it occurred to me that the whole Oracle concept would fit well into a Doctor Who story featuring surviving Time Lords being used for similar-ish things.

3. Since we're talking about Time Lords, I think Eva Green might make a perfect Romana. I mean, those eyes couldn't possibly be human! And she could speak with a sort of implacable accent because, again, not human. Also, she was in this really effed-up movie with Matt Smith called Clone where they have sex and stuff (no, that's not the reason it's effed-up), thus providing fanworkers with material. ;D
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Meme snagged from [personal profile] jjpor 

Name a character in any of my fandoms, and I'll answer these questions:

1. Do you love/hate/don’t feel strongly about this character?
2. What’s your favorite trait of this character?
3. What’s your favorite moment/event involving this character?
4. If you could have one power/attribute/etc. of this character, what would it be?
5. Have you ever pictured this character naked?
6. When did you fall in love/hate with this character? If you don’t have any strong feelings toward them, why not?
7. Who’s your OTP for this character, if any?
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I've got 8 comments, and they're all lovely (will comment when I'm not too sleepy)! Here's my entry. And, no, I'm not linking because I'm greedily hoping for more. Because that would be very naughty indeed. :D I also need to fill a few stockings, myself, if only well-wishes (I'm a bit swamped ATM).
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I wasn't too late for one after all. Here it is! I love how I'm all ''do whatever you want'', and then go on to state some very specific preferences. *facepalm*

ETA: One thing I forgot to mention which would be pretty cool is something about Romana's relationship with the TARDIS. I have this fanon that they were very close, due to TARDISES only really bonding emotionally with Time Lords and other TARDISES. Oh, and 'realistically' done conception/babyfic (i.e. not everything is sunshine and puppydogs, but it works out somehow).

But of course, I'm not expecting to have all my prompts/demands filled. ;)
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Am I the only one not seeing the True Love between Eleven and River? I mean, I know I'm not literally the ONLY one, but other than one or two flisters, everyone seems to think that this is a case of True Love Between True Equals. Here's why I disagree and why I find that interpretation, frankly, puzzling (then again, somebody did just literally call me an ''idiot'' for not thinking the relationship was healthy):
Spoilers (*sigh*) )

Again, this is just my view, but I'm seriously surprised that so few people seem to share my interpretation, as I felt it was glaringly obvious. I know I idea whether any of it was intentional. I actually fear it's not, as Moffat is no stranger to writing fucked-up pairings that he apparently believes are stellar examples of Real True Love (and neither was RTD).

Anyway, I'm actually writing an essay in which I argue that the very concept ''Strong Female Character'' is problematic in and of itself and that the claim that the portrayal of women on television as exclusively improved over the years doesn't hold water. I am using River Song and Rose Tyler as examples. If I get an OK mark on it I might post it here.

ETA: I'm also surprised to see so few fics portraying the relationship as fucked up, as I know that there are people who enjoy ships like that (including myself, from time to time).
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So, I've submitted a [livejournal.com profile] fandom_stocking  and I'd be right chuffed if somebody would... stuff my stocking. *wiggles eyebrows*

Also, I had to get a new Passport Essential today. I ruined the other one. I don't know how. Now I'm re-burning my CDs. There went my weekly paycheck...
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Shamelessly ripped off from [personal profile] birdseyeview :

It could be music for sexytimes, my favorite comfort music, songs from a certain genre or a fanmix for a certain ship (provided I know the ship)

Hell, it doesn't even have to be a ship I like, although in that case I reserve the right to bash it through music.;)
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Name fifteen favorite fannish pairings (het/slash/canon/fanon), and ask people if they notice any common traits/tendencies in the pairings you choose. Try to pick different fandoms.

In sort-of chronological order:

1. Mulder/Scully, The X-Files
2. Ron/Hermione, Harry Potter
3. Elizabeth I/Robert Dudley, Real Life History
4. Anakin/Padmé, Star Wars
5. Helga/Herr Flick, 'Allo 'Allo!
6. House/Cuddy, House M.D.
7. Doctor/Romana (all incarnations), Doctor Who
8. Dumbledore/Grindelwald, Harry Potter
9. Barbara/Ian, Doctor Who
10. Doctor/Master, Doctor Who
11. Romana/Leela, Doctor Who
12. Two/Jamie, Doctor Who
13. Polly/Ben, Doctor Who
14. One/Cameca, Doctor Who
15. Liz/Brig, Doctor Who


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