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1. You all should have a look at the fanwork-at-thon [community profile] who_at_50, run by my friend [personal profile] jjpor. It's one Doctor + a secondary prompt a month. However, there's no death penalty for missing deadlines (or I'd be dead by now), so you can always make your contribution for any Doctor at any time. Or just post stuff relating to Doctor Who and/or the 50th Anniversary. The Classic Doctors are in a special need of love, but anything's good.

I've been feeling rather inadequate/ashamed about my lacklustre participation there so far (due to illness and dissertation and stuff), so I hope some of you will check it out and give it a boost. :)

I suck at pimping stuff, sorry. ;D

2. I'm checking out Minority Report for the first time ever (yeah, I know) and it occurred to me that the whole Oracle concept would fit well into a Doctor Who story featuring surviving Time Lords being used for similar-ish things.

3. Since we're talking about Time Lords, I think Eva Green might make a perfect Romana. I mean, those eyes couldn't possibly be human! And she could speak with a sort of implacable accent because, again, not human. Also, she was in this really effed-up movie with Matt Smith called Clone where they have sex and stuff (no, that's not the reason it's effed-up), thus providing fanworkers with material. ;D
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Just look how happy/proud he is when he introduces her. Or I say that he is, at least.
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This is my contribution to the Eleventh Doctor month on [community profile] who_at_50

Title: Existence
Author: [personal profile] akashasheiress
Words: 2733
Rating: Teen
Genre: Romance, drama, angst, body-horror (that last one might be subjective).
Characters/Pairings: Eleven/Romana, the TARDIS, OC (after a fashion).
Summary: The Doctor and Romana have found each other again. Then something unexpected happens.
Warnings: This is babyfic. Or more accurately fetusfic. Abortion and issues of bodily autonomy are dealt with. Also, non-graphic description of Time Sex.

It wasn't as if they had needed any incentive to have the sex that would eventually lead to... it
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If Doctor Who fans on my flist don't know who she was you definitely should (as in, she deserves more recognition than she gets, not that you're ignorant).
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I've got 8 comments, and they're all lovely (will comment when I'm not too sleepy)! Here's my entry. And, no, I'm not linking because I'm greedily hoping for more. Because that would be very naughty indeed. :D I also need to fill a few stockings, myself, if only well-wishes (I'm a bit swamped ATM).
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I wasn't too late for one after all. Here it is! I love how I'm all ''do whatever you want'', and then go on to state some very specific preferences. *facepalm*

ETA: One thing I forgot to mention which would be pretty cool is something about Romana's relationship with the TARDIS. I have this fanon that they were very close, due to TARDISES only really bonding emotionally with Time Lords and other TARDISES. Oh, and 'realistically' done conception/babyfic (i.e. not everything is sunshine and puppydogs, but it works out somehow).

But of course, I'm not expecting to have all my prompts/demands filled. ;)


Nov. 23rd, 2012 09:49 pm
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My good friend [personal profile] jjpor  has created [community profile] who_at_50 for all your celebratory ficathon needs!

ETA: And it's also on LJ: http://who-at-50.livejournal.com/

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 So, I told [livejournal.com profile] lost_spook  that I would do a post about Ian Holm's early acting years (I'm going through bit of a Holm-flip ATM). I'm going to focus on the 60's and 70's, as those are the least (internationally) well-known decades of his career (And the 50's, but I couldn't find any of those). He was mainly a (highly regarded) stage actor up until the mid 70's. This will be the 60's post. I scoured youtube for as many clips I could find. Hope those of you interested in this sort of thing enjoy :) Holm and Judi Dench, younger than I think I've ever seen them, in a 1962 adaption of Anton Checkov's The Cherry Orchard. They were pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself. I'm surprised by how not-in-the-least-bad-looking Holm was as a young man. Fun fact: Holm and Dench have played a couple at least four times. Also, what's with the cross-eyed thing he does when looking at the Moon? Is it part of the character?

As Richard of Gloucester/Richard III in the BBC & RSC adaption of The Wars of the Roses (1965). The whole saga is on youtube, and seems bloody excellent. I love how Holm's Richard is pretty much the opposite of the cartoon villain version of Richard that's often used. He's relatively subtle, with a boyish, dimpled face. And yet there's clearly something Not Quite Right with him. Note how he's about as worked up about brutal murder as most of us would be about buying new socks, except for the malicious twinkle in his eye. And the way he looks at his bloody sword with faint amusement. IMO his Less is More method makes for a much creepier Richard than the ''louder'' interpretations. There's also nicely underplayed humour in his portrayal. Brilliant performance. Without further ado...

The Fearful King. The first of many, many times he's co-starred with David Warner (also incredible as Henry  VI):

The Kingmaker (note the dry ''aww'' when told that Sir Richard Grey is slain XD):

Edward of York:

The Prophetess (My personal favourite of these clips):

Richard of Gloster:

Richard the King (They're trying to teach him manners, heh):


Henry Tudor:

As Victor Frankenstein and his monster in the Frankenstein episode of Mystery and Imagination (1966). I certainly did not enjoy this one due to the poets shirt and the tight trousers. Not in the least. ;D Hmm, poets shirt, tight trousers, curly hair, and sweat... Does this remind you of anything, Whovians? Also, it seems excellently creepy and well done.

As Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream (1968). He's been cast in that role many times. I think you'll see why (Seriously, I have no trouble believing that charming little devil attracting all those ladies). ;) He's not in this clip for very long, but in meanwhile you can enjoy Helen Mirren, Diana Rigg, and (again) David Warner. Mirren has also acted with Holm more than once. Not seen in the clip is a half-naked Judi Dench as Titania. A great version if you enjoy staring at good-looking actors.

As Flynn, a Northern Irish gunner in The Bofors Gun (1968). His, I believe first feature film role, for which he won a BAFTA for best actor in a supporting role. As usual, he manages to be the most/one of the most interesting characters. Flynn is highly intelligent, which I suspect is a reason for his apparent boredom and cynical detachment. And yet, in spite of their seemingly antagonistic relationship, he's the only one who insists get medical help for O'Rourke, putting life over career. A very intriguing character with, I think, hidden depths. The whole film is on youtube and is well worth a watch. Also features David Warner (again) and inspector morse John Thaw.

As Grubeshov in The Fixer (1968). Whole movie is on youtube. Seems interesting.

As President Pointcaré in Oh! What a Lovely War (1969). Except I couldn't find any clips with him in it, so here's the whole damn movie.

Stuff that I could not find on youtube:
Granillo in Rope and The Wooden Dish (Both episodes of ITV Play of the Week, 1957), Girls at Sea (1958, uncredited. Hmm... 0.o), An earlier turn as Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream (1959), the Edward IV episode of The Wars of the Roses, Sefton Kemp in The Power Games (1966), MacFarlane in The Body Snatcher (1966, another Mystery and Imagination episode).


May. 9th, 2012 01:09 am
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Now, I've never followed the Beastie Boys very closely, to say the least, but I'm still sad to hear that Adam Yauch aka MCA has passed away from cancer at only 47. Talented man, for sure. Fight for Your Right, Sabotage, and Intergalactic are songs I could listen to over and over and over again. Not to mention, he was one few male artists expressed sincere regret for the misogyny in some of his earlier work, and tried to make amends. John Lennon is another good example.

Also, I forgot how awesome the music vid for Intergalactic is in all old school sci-fi loving glory:
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Day 22 – A Who-Related Fan-Site

Not a ''site'' as much as a community, but I must use this opportunity to pimp the [livejournal.com profile] eleven_romana ficathon! You know it works, baby, and it's the natural consequence of all Doctors/all Romanas* being in love.:D I claimed a date and now I have to come up with something. It's too bad I'm such a terrible writer.D:

Actual site that's quite good: www.deathbyaspirin.proboards.com/

*Well, all Doctors from Four-onwards, anyway.

Day 23 – A Who-Related YouTube Video
Day 24 – Whatever Tickles Your Fancy
Day 25 – Favourite Who Actor
Day 26 – Favourite Who Actress
Day 27 – An Episode You Wish Hadn’t Been Made
Day 28 – An Episode Idea You Created Yourself
Day 29 – Who You Think Should Be the Next Doctor
Day 30 – Whatever Tickles Your Fancy


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